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See 02/17/17 Bridgework

See 02/17/17 Bridgework

See 12/22/16 Beams up

See 12/02/2016 pictures of our bridgework.

See 07/14/2016 pictures of our bridgework.

See 09/04/2016 pictures of bridgework


Canada Road - I40 interchange work schedule:

PHASE 1: Summer2014-Fall 2014
Construct I-40 Median
Construct areas West of Canada Road
Construct Connector Road
PHASE 2: Winter 2014-Summer 2015
Construct West Half of Bridge
Construct I-40 Retaining Walls
Close Huff-n-Puff Road at Canada Road
PHASE 3: Summer2015-Fall 2015
Construct West Beverle Rivera Drive
Construct areas West of Canada Road
Close I-40 Exit 20 Canada Road North Bound
PHASE 4: Winter 2015-Spring 2016
Construct Temporary Ramps
Construct East Beverle Rivera Drive
PHASE 5: Spring 2016-Fall 2016
Construct Eastern Half of Bridge
Construct areas East of Canada Road
PHASE 6: Winter 2016-Spring 2017
Construct Ramps East of Canada Road
Complete work on I-40

- See more at:

The exit 20 interchange project should look like this!

exit 20

Read about the whole project HERE

See TDOT information HERE


10001 Highway 70, Lakeland, TN 38002
Telephone: 867-2717
Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Golf carts legal in Lakeland areas where the speed limit is 30 mph or less.

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Help us keep our neighborhood as beautiful as possible - remember that trash cans should only be out the day of pick up. At all other times they should be put away and hidden from view. Thanks.

Help us keep our neighborhood as safe as possible by keeping your garage doors down at all times. It will not only keep your home safer, it will send a message to those looking for mischief that Windward Slopes is no easy target.

Watch out for your neighbor.  If you see suspicious activity, call the sheriff's department at 379-7625.


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